BODY PRAXIS is a specialized structural redevelopment program
to address the musculoskeletal disorders afflicting dentists and hygienists.

Ever wonder how much longer you'll be able to practice because you suffer from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and arm pain? Your're not alone... research shows over 80% of dental professionals suffer from pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders.


Years of hunching over patients, reaching and stretching in awkward positions, fighting with equipment and coping with the physical redundancy of the occupation leave dentists with daily pain and chronic discomfort. Most commonly, these symptoms include tingling and numbness in hands and differing degrees of back, neck, shoulder and hip pain. Moreover, physical strains and repetitive movements lead to muscle imbalances, postural dysfunction and compensatory movement patterns. If ignored, cumulative physiological damage can lead to permanent disability or career ending injury.

Our exclusive BODY PRAXIS program counteracts the imbalances caused by repetitive positions and helps dental clients achieve efficiency in movement:

  • Direct rehabilitation utilizing advanced techniques and Pilates principles to retrain the body through oppositional movement patterning.
  • Self-postural assessments, positioning, stabilization and realignment to ensure correct biomechanical alignment when sitting, standing, reaching, etc.
  • Learn the importance of muscle recruitment, balance, spine segment mobility, stabilization and breathing techniques.
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Hear what other dental clients are saying:

"I've been a dentist since 1984, practicing chairside in private practice four days per week and teaching one day per week at the School of Dental Medicine. I've had many episodes of back pain and my most recent MRI shows several herniated discs in my lumbar spine. The BODY PRAXIS rehabilitation program has been a great way to relieve pain and strengthen my body so I can do the things I like to do. I feel it keeps my joints and muscles moving freely and without pain.

I lead a very active life and enjoy exercise, skiing, bowling, golf, spinning and tennis. I did not want to be unable to do any of these activities. Working with Rick allows me to do all of these activities and has helped me continue to practice dentistry, a profession I love. I highly recommend the BODY PRAXIS program to other dentists, and the soner they get started the better. I believe it would have helped me to prevent my back problems had I started it earlier than I did.".
Dr. Ronald Schwartz
Clinical Assistant Professor
SUNY Buffalo, School of Dental Medicine
Buffalo, NY


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With the Pilates method no muscle group is over trained or under trained. Your entire musculature is evenly conditioned, helping you meet occupational and lifestyle goals more efficiently with less chance of injury.